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Patient Record Management, Drugs Administration, and Diagnostic Equipment Positioning

  • Reveal the great potential of RFID technology to enhance the quality of medical
We are honored to receive the "Gold Award" of the "Most Innovative EPC/RFID Application" for the Hong Kong RFID Awards U-21 RFID Awards 2010 (Postgraduate Stream).

Feedback from client "Humphrey and Partners Medical Services Limited": -

"Healthcare management is a complex issue, fortunately the RFID-enabled solution helps us support our daily operations. From now on we can serve our patients ever better, whom we have promised to exercise our greatest care already."


RFID-enabled Drug Management System

  • Aims to enhance drug safety and patient safety, as well as to improve efficiency and effectiveness of drug management
We are honored to receive the Silver Award for the Hong Kong RFID Awards U-21 RFID Awards 2009 (Undergraduate Stream).


RFID-enabled Psychiatric Rehabilitant Interaction System

  • Enhance interaction and communication by providing all-rounded location-based service to enhance the whole rehabilitant caring processes

Feedback from client "Castle Peak Hospital - MINDSET Club": -

"RFID technology will surely rock the industry and revamp healthcare management. In our Club, the RFID solution enhances the interaction and communication with our members hence we can serve our clients better. I am sure this new system is very useful in institutional setting as well as custodial setting."


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