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FIFO Warehousing Pallet Transferring, Combining and Splitting by
RFID Means

  • Seamless integration of RFID technology, mobile devices and ERP system, to achieve warehouse visibility

Feedback from client "Midas Printing Group Company Limited": -

"Before we apply the RFID solution provided by the PolyU, we never imagine there is such a convenient way for precise inventory management to achieve FIFO, especially what we have are easily-deteriorated paper products."


Intelligent eSecurity Device for Physical Asset, Container and Fleet Management

  • An intelligent eSecurity device as well as software modules and middleware featuring the integration of various logistics enabling technologies (i.e. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Positioning System (GPS))

  • The device can be deployed in different applications especially in physical asset, container and fleet management


RFID Automated Truck Tracking System

  • Capability to integrate Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) to achieve automatic truck tracing and tracking


RFID-based Intra Supply Chain Information System

  • Implementation of RFID technology to support information interchange in global production networks

Feedback from client "Novetex Spinners Limited": -

"The RFID-enabled Intra Supply Chain Information solution has considerably enhanced information visibility in supply chain and increases our competitiveness for our multi-national business."


RFID-enabled Fleet Management System

  • The system has the capability to connect with public information sharing platforms such as OBTIS, ezTRACK and EPCglobal to share and integrate real time logistics and physical asset information


RFID-enabled Intelligent Forklift

  • Streamline warehouse operation; eliminate manual data capturing to provide real-time and accurate inventory record to enable flexible and agile warehouse

Feedback from client "Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd": -

"Warehouse operations in our industry can be better than ever if more Supply Chain Management (SCM) enabling technologies (such as RFID-enabled Intelligent Forklift) are being deployed."


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