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  Dr W. H. Ip

Dr W.H. Ip
LLB (Wolv), MSc (Cran), MBA (Brun), PhD (Lough), CEng, FHKQMA, MIEE, MIMechE, MHKIE

Research Areas:
Industrial Engineering, AI and Machine Vision Systems, ERP, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  Dr C. Y. Chan

Dr C.Y. Chan
BEng (Salf), PhD (Salf), MHKIE

Research Areas:
Control & Automation, Warehouse Management and Materials Handling

  Dr H. C. Tsang

Dr Albert H.C. Tsang
BSc (HK), MASc (Tor), MSc (HK), PhD (Tor), CEng, MIIE, MIEE, MASQ, MHKIE, FHKSQ

Research Areas:
Quality & Performance Management, Quality and Reliability Engineering, Maintenance Decision Analysis

  Dr C. F. Cheung

Prof. Benny C.F. Cheung
BEng (PolyU), MPhil (PolyU), PhD (PolyU), CEng, MIEE, MHKIE, MIEEE, MASME, CKM

Research Areas:
Precision Engineering, Knowledge Management, E-business, Artificial Intelligence, Logistics Systems


Dr Carman K.M. Lee
PhD (PolyU), BEng(PolyU), MIET, MIEEE

Research Areas:
Logistics Information Management, Manufacturing Information Systems, Product Development and Data Mining Techniques

  Dr George T.S. Ho

Dr George T.S. Ho
BEng (PolyU), PhD (PolyU)

Research Areas:
Logistics Workflow Optimization, Process Mining, Business Intelligence

  Prof. W. B. Lee

Prof. W.B. Lee
MTech (Brun), PhD (HKU), CEng, MIEE, MHKIE

Research Areas:
Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Manufacturing Strategy, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning and Intellectual Capital Management





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