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Hong Kong Deliverables

  1. An intelligent eSecurity device middleware to link up the intelligent eSecurity device with enterprise applications in order to manage intelligent eSecurity device and integrate with other logistics enabling technologies.

  2. An RFID enabled intelligent eSecurity system. This system can be connected to public information sharing platforms such as OBTIS and the EPCglobal network to facilitate real time information sharing, in order to enable real time tracking, management, analysis and optimization.

  3. Two pilot projects in selected companies and applications.

  4. An Internet portal to promote the results of this project.

  5. One Workshop and one seminar for the dissemination of know-how to specific sectors of industry.

  6. A case book featuring project results, best practices, and case studies on application of the intelligent eSecurity device.

Shenzhen Deliverables

  1. An intelligent eSecurity device integrated with RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, wireless network and sensors. This device can be applied in cargo tracking, e-seal, logistics safety control, physical asset and fleet management.

  2. Intelligent eSecurity device modules and firmware for system and device functionality extension and supporting the research and development of the intelligent eSecurity device.

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