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智能電子安全裝備 - 系統設計和應用案例
  • Authors:
    Kwok S.K., Lee W.B., Lau C.W. and Tsang H.C.

  • Publisher:
    Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2010)

  • Language:
    Traditional Chinese

Significant Journal Papers

  1. Kwok, S.K., Ng, P.H. and Choy, K.L., “Development of an RFID-based Intelligent e-Seal System for Container and Physical Asset Management”, Annual Journal of IIE(HK), Vol. 28, pp.70-81 (2008).

  2. Wang, L.X., Kwok, S.K., Ip, W.H. and Ng, P.H., “Transportation Visualization of Perishable Products with an RFID and Sensor Network”, International Journal of Information Analysis and Processing (Special issue on RFID), Vol. 2, n. 2, pp.35-42 (2009).

  3. Wang, L.X., Kwok, S.K., and Ip, W. H., “A Radio Frequency Identification and Sensor-based System for the Transportation of Food”,Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 101, pp.120-129 (2010).




















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