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  PolyU Alumni Homecoming Fiesta 2012
  Date: November 11, 2012
  Venue: PolyU Campus
  Organizer(s): The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  Co-organizer(s): -

Visitors being “Logistics Master” at Alumni Homecoming Fiesta Thousands of alumni, staff and students together with their family members were gathered to attend 2012 PolyU Alumni Homecoming Fiesta on 11 November 2012. The activities included exhibitions, games and guided tour, etc. To assist the magnificent event and the department, the RFID Solutions Laboratory from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering held a game booth entitled “Logistics Master” and achieved a great success to bring mirthful memory to the visitors.

Under the guidance of Dr. W.H. Ip, Associate Professor from the same department, the members of the laboratory conceived an innovative idea that integrated RFID technology and radio controlled forklifts into a logistics competition game. The game started to operate at noon and attracted numerous visitors. With high popularity among the visitors, the reservation was full within two hours indeed. All players enjoyed the game and flung themselves into the competition. With enthusiastic response, the game even overran by nearly an hour for the players’ support.

“Logistics Master” is a game that two players use the controllers to control the forklifts to lift and transport the pallets to the scoring area to finish the task. By leverage of RFID technology, once the forklift places the pallet with RFID tag attached in the scoring area successfully, real-time data of scores will then be counted and shown instantly. The winner goes to the player who gains higher score by lifting and transporting the pallets, which carries different scores, to the scoring area within limited time.

Champion and First runner-up of each round were awarded with different prizes for encouragement and the Top 5 Ranked players of the game were awarded with PolyU 75th Anniversary Octopus Card to praise their endeavor. After keen competition, finally, the Top Scorer of the game went to the player who achieved 770 scores.





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