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Signing ceremony of MoU with WSS Infocard Systems cum Seminar on RFID Applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Waste Management
  Date: May 3, 2013
  Venue: PolyU Campus

-Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
-WSS Infocard Systems

  Co-organizer(s): -

The ISE Department signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WSS Infocard Systems at the PolyU Microsoft Enterprise Systems Centre on 3 May 2013. Following the signing ceremony, a seminar on RFID applications of intelligent transportation system and waste management with Autotoll Limited and WSS Infocard Systems was held at the centre.

Witnessed by Dr W.H. Ip and Dr C.K.M. Lee (Associate Professor and Assistant Professor of the ISE Department, respectively) and representatives from WSS Infocard Systems and Autotoll Limited, the MoU was signed by Mr Paul van Alphen, CEO of WSS Infocard Systems, and Ir Prof. K.C. Chan, Acting Head of ISE Department. The MoU signing symbolizes the future collaboration opportunities between the two parties, including research and development activities on innovative and advanced RFID technologies and IoT solutions.

The first speaker for the subsequent seminar on RFID applications was Mr Owen Leung, Head of Telematics of Autotoll Limited and General Manager of Guangdong Autotoll. He delivered a speech on intelligent transportation systems and shared information on smart systems. Mr Paul van Alphen then addressed the audience with his business experience on innovative waste management information.

The sharing of the two speakers provided a better understanding on the RFID applications of intelligent transportation system and waste management to the audience. These topics can broaden horizons for further research and studies.





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