RFID Deployment Optimizer (RFID-DO) (US patent, HK patent)


A method for optimizing the deployment of RFID apparatus, and a RFID deployment optimizer of use thereof are provided. The method includes the steps: A. analyzing the interrogation zone where the RFID apparatus are deployed, B. identifying the readability o RFID tag associated with different sets of placement on a target object inside the interrogation zone, and C. selecting the best deployment alternative based on the analysis result of the interrogation zone attained in the step A and all the readabilities of RFID tag associated with different sets of placement identified in the step B.

: US8325012 / HK1095702

RFID Location Awareness System (LOCAWARE) (HK patent)


An apparatus for identifying object movement and location with RFID device comprises two RFID gateways constructed by at least one RFID interrogator located inside and outside an entrance of a monitored zone independently, a portable RFID tag carried by the object capable of receiving and responding said signals emitted by said RFID interrogator, and a data processor connected with said RFID gateways capable of receiving said responses to identify said object movement as leaving or entering said entrance and said object location as outside or inside said monitored zone. There is also a corresponding method for identifying object movement and location with RFID device.

: HK1095991

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) electronic seal based container management system and method (China patent)


The invention relates to an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) electronic seal based container management system and method. The management system comprises an RFID electronic seal, sensing equipment and a control device, wherein the control device is used for giving a sealing or opening command to the RFID electronic seal and acquiring the state information of a container from the sensing equipment; the RFID electronic seal is used for sealing or opening the container according to the command given by the control device and returning the state information of the container to the control device; the RFID electronic seal comprises a first communication module and a first power supply unit; the sensing equipment is used for monitoring the state information of the container and returning the state information to the control device according to a request of the control device; the sensing equipment comprises a second communication module and a second power supply unit; and the RFID electronic seal and the sensing equipment automatically enter a dormant state after the operation is finished each time. The technical scheme can provide a low-power consumption electronic seal for a long-distance transportation and also provide low-power consumption sensing equipment.

: CN102044103

Physimetric Property Identification of Physical Object for Process Control (US patent)


The present invention relates to a method of automated process control operation wherein a physical object is directed into a read zone, information stored on an ID Container attached to the physical object is retrieved, physimetric property of the physical object is captured, the retrieved information is processed to provide recorded physimetric property specific to the physical object, the recorded physimetric property and captured physimetric property are passed to an analysis algorithm for comparison, and the results of the comparison are delivered to a controlling device. The results of the comparison will determine whether the physical property will continue to pass through the read zone or require to be rotated by the operator.

: US8055053

Physimetric Authentication of Physical Object by Digital Identification (DID) (China patent)


The present invention relates a scanable product made of a physical object and an ID Container, such ID Container possessing on its memory a Unique ID and a stored coded locking mechanism. The stored coded locking mechanism is generated by inputting physimetric property of the physical object and its Unique ID into hash functions to create an unintelligible code. Methods of making such a scanable product, and methods of authenticating a scanable product are also taught.

: CN101622628

Polystyrene Articles, Identification Method, Identification System and Information System for Bicycle Competition (China patent, HK patent)


The invention discloses a method for identifying a polystyrene product. The method comprises the following steps: preparing a radio-frequency identifying label of the product; implanting the radio-frequency identifying label into the polystyrene product during injection molding of the polystyrene product; and arranging a radio-frequency identifying system at production and marketing, logistics or application places of the polystyrene product, and reading the radio-frequency identifying label with a reader of the radio-frequency identifying system to identify the polystyrene product. The invention also discloses the polystyrene product, the identifying system and a bicycle race information system with the identifying system. The method for identifying the polystyrene product improves the identifying efficiency, accuracy and instantaneity, and improves the judgment efficiency and fairness of a bicycle race.