Enterprise-level asset management solution by utilizing beacon technology
Optimization of the front-line operations and productivity in smart factories
Industrial IoT and Big Data Analytics based Predictive Maintenance System
Providing real-time machine/equipment monitoring and minimize loss caused by machine/equipment failures
Device-to-Business (D2BTM) Technology and Applications
Enabling sophisticated business automation and process control
RFID-enabled Equipment Management System
Streamlining the PAM to improve the overall efficiency and asset visibility
RFID-enabled Self-served Warehouse
Implementing RFID technology to achieve cost savings, security advantages and operational excellence in a self-served warehouse Feedback from client "Treasury Company - Asia Magic Entertainment": - "The RFID-enabled Self-served Warehouse system caters for the needs of automated warehouse management in most industries. The complicated lending and returning procedures are simplified. Utilizing the advanced RFID technology, inventory management can be more accurate and convenient."